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Messaging built for construction teams.
Free for construction teams until June 1, 2020.

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FieldChat Product Overview

How we're trying to help.

These are unprecedented times for our customers, the construction industry, and the world as a whole. Construction teams are evolving quickly to keep their teams safe and to meet ever-changing government requirements.

Communication is becoming even more challenging as non-essential site visits are being limited, daily team meetings replaced with more informal communication to practice social distancing, and more.

To that end, we want to do everything in our power to be helpful as construction teams weather this storm, which is why FieldChat – a messaging app purpose-built for construction teams – will be free for construction teams in the United States and Canada (new and existing) until June 1, 2020.

Why FieldChat?

FieldChat makes it easy to keep communication and projects flowing in a world where face-to-face contact is limited/unavailable. It allows for:

  • Efficient, concise, real-time communication between foremen, superintendents, project managers, team members, and subcontractors regardless of the device they use.

  • Site-broadcasts to everyone on a job site in the face of changing procedures, safety concerns, and more.

  • Messaging with every company working on a project.

Please do not hesitate to book a demo, email, or call if you have any questions.

All the best to you, your team, and your loved ones. 

Stay safe.

The FieldChat Team


Communicate with everyone on a job site from one place.

FieldChat is a messaging app purpose-built for construction teams. It turns texting chaos on job sites into centralized, organized, and searchable conversations. Project managers can organize foremen, superintendents, and subcontractors by channels and start messaging using the mobile app or text.

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Your team can download the mobile app or simply continue text messaging.

Depending on the type of user (foremen, superintendent, subcontractor) you can invite them to download the mobile app – available on iPhone and Android – or simply send them a text from FieldChat. Managers are more likely to get value from the mobile app because it provides increased visibility. Less tech-savvy users and subcontractors are more likely to get value from texting because there’s nothing new to download or learn.

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Integrate FieldChat into your every day workflows.

You can use FieldChat on its own or in partnership with your construction management software (CMS). FieldChat integrates with Procore, PlanGrid, and Autodesk BIM360. It supports single sign-on, gives you access to project directories, and allows you to upload photos into your CMS directly from FieldChat.

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Messaging built for construction.