52% of all rework globally is caused by poor data and miscommunication. 

It makes you wonder how leading project managers and superintendents manage communication on their jobsites to keep information flowing and projects on track.

In this episode of the Builders Series, we sat down with superintendents Allan Barnes and Kyle Maltz of the Hanover Company to discuss how they've embraced field communication tools like FieldChat to communicate, coordinate, and collect data from their field teams and subcontractors.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How the Hanover Company eliminated texting and email chaos on their construction project – 45 story luxury tower in downtown Austin, Texas
  • How a centralized, organized, and searchable communication app can help reduce mistakes and rework, keep projects on track, and simplify dispute resolution
  • How to get field teams and subcontractors bought into new technology
Allan Barnes – Hanover

Allan Barnes

Sr. Superintendent

Hanover Company

Kyle Maltz – Hanover

Kyle Maltz


Hanover Company

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